About PPP Makers

Hi there! My name is Gabriel, and I'm an aspiring FullStack Developer from Romania.

I love to learn new stuff, pet my cat and change diapers for my son (not necessarily in that order). In my search for the best learning material I often end up on a lot of premium courses landing pages.

Therefore, I teamed up with Eduard, a Technical Marketer who loves learning about as much as I do and currently resides in Oxford, UK. Eduard like to read history & philosophy and smash the weights in the gym whilst listening to 50 Cent. During his spare time, Eduard likes to feast on chicken breast and broccoli whilst contemplating how he can play a part in making the world a better place.

Most of the courses you’ll find on PPP Makers have fair prices, but usually the pricing is tailored for people in more affluent countries from North America, Western & Northern Europe and a few other countries scattered across the globe.

As our country is anything but affluent, we can relate to people who might experience a financial strain when it comes to educating themselves using the best resources on the web.

Thanks to the makers and businesses you will find on this website, me and other curious minds from around the world benefit from location-based discounts, which make it more affordable for us to learn and create new stuff.

If you found this website helpful and would like to support our project, you can do so by buying us a coffee. We own espresso machines so the proceeds will be used to fund other projects meant to make the world a better place, as we have enough caffeine to support us through a potential apocalypse.